Saturday, January 23, 2010

Disadvantages of Internet Cafe

When there are advantages, there are also disadvantages, same goes for everything. Nowadays, high school students are absenting school classes to go to the internet cafe to play online games, this will result in the student failing their exams and have terrible result. Plus, parents will blame the school for not teaching the student well enough.

poor result

Besides that, this can also cause the student to spend and not knowing how to save their money because all the money is being used for playing games in the internet cafe and even at young age they are facing money problem. Even worst, many students can easily get access to pornography websites and downloading it through the internet. This small issue can cause big problems which are many teenagers now having sex and young girls getting pregnant and other horrible things happened. This will increase the number of rape cases in the future.

rob money

Moreover, privacy also can get corrupted due to the internet cafe. Online money transactions are growing in day by day, this causing people who type the account number and password in the computer which can be traced by other users on the same computer. When they have access to other people's account, they can deposit money to other accounts and this is a crime. A person who committed this crime cannot be caught because the internet cafe is a public place for everyone and alot of people using the same computers everyday.

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